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Via Negative Creative Exchange for Support

Via Negative is a for profit organization that collaborates with others to create engaging and progressive projects that often have no commercial viability. We believe that these projects play a constructive social role and that they should be somehow facilitated and created.
In order to fund and support these projects we offer a Creative Exchange for Support opportunity to those who are interested in helping with various projects. This means that Via Negative will exchange for financial support for initiatives a tangible creative product or service.

For example, Via Negative is looking for $2000 to publish a monograph on an individual whose work and story should be heard. Via Negative would exchange a commissioned piece of art created by the Via Negative Collaborative of the same value in order to directly fund this project. Via Negative believes it is important for an exchange to happen with specific projects in mind because it allows all parties involved to know that they have played an integral part in the production.

How does the money get allocated?

Of the exchanged amount no money is every viewed as profit. We are not a charity so we cannot offer any receipts. We do have to pay taxes so we would designate the appropriate amount to paying taxes and the rest of it is directed towards the material production of the project.

Does Via Negative make any money?

On the Creative Exchange for Support all money raised is given to production. Only if there are profits from sales will Via Negative see money. We will receive 40% from sales and the remaining 60% is directed to the individual or entity we created the project for. These projects are a labor of love for us and we would prefer to give our time in order to create interesting projects.